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By signing and submitting this application, the applicant agrees to the following:

1. At its sole expense, to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the City, its public officials, officers, employees, and assigns, from any liability; and shall reimburse the City for any expense incurred, resulting from, or in connection with any project approvals. This includes any appeal, claim, suit, or other legal proceeding, to attack, set aside, void, or annul any project approval. The City shall promptly notify the applicant of any legal proceeding, and shall cooperate fully in the defense. The City may, at its sole discretion, participate in any such legal action, but participation shall not relieve the applicant of any obligation under this condition. Should any party bring any legal action in connection with this project, the Superior Court of the County of Monterey, California, shall be the situs and have jurisdiction for the resolution of all such actions by the parties hereto.
2. That all materials submitted as part of this application package are considered to be public information, may be posted on the internet, distributed to the necessary Committees, Commissions and Council as part of the approval process, and reviewed by the public.
3. To comply with all City ordinances and State laws relating to building construction for any and all aspects of the project proposed in this application and authorizes representatives of the City and Advisory Agencies to enter the above mentioned property at reasonable times for inspection purposes related to the project for which this application is submitted.

I declare under penalty of perjury that I am authorized by the property owner to submit this application and that the foregoing statements, answers, and all data information, documents and evidence herewith submitted are, to the best of my knowledge and belief, true and correct.

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